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AR Business Company.

Popsline will enable your business to grow and expand beyond the current limits of AR technology.

Right time, Right place, Right content.

The proprietary-based Popsline’s augmented technology delivers the right content at the right place of your business at the right time.
Download-free and registration-free due to a web based service.
It can be embedded simply in case you have your own app.
If you don’t have the app, you can provide the optimal experience with the AR sharing platform.
It is working not only on 2D, 3D but on all types of video content including 360 film.


Korea’s No.1 and Global No.2 patent holder in AR/VR and 3D Business Model
(Source: Patent Technology Trend Report, Dec. 2017, ‘Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Evaluation and Management’).

Forget about building your own AR solution!

is a sharing app that provides everything you need for an optimized AR experience for your customer from AR contents to promotions.

  • Time & cost saving for building your own AR App
  • One-time usage for timely promotion
  • No daily operation or maintenance are required.
  • All types of AR marketing can be executed
  • AR product experience and shop
  • AR Pick in which your product/store appears on the customer’s mobile phone with the location-based service.
  • AR Event that provides shopping information with fun.

With Location-based service, brands that have shop-in shop in large scale store chain can distribute their promotion information to the customers who are roaming around the shops

AR Animation Unlike conventional AR technology, this is lightweight, fast and error-free.

  • Free size up & down, Free Positioning
  • One time loading and free putting on & simulation
  • Designed step by step animation for easy presentation
  • Instant video chat with floor sales expert (not call center) while providing consumer experience about the product in the mall.


    Now try your glasses and shop at home!

    AR Fitting

    A natural yet vivid fit, like a mirror after you wear it.

    Remote video chat function helps to react instantly to customer query, location-based notification function helps to encourage customers to visit the store.

    In-Video-Shopping Enabler

    In the same video UX, this tech enables you to search , experience and purchase at one stop.

  • Intuitive link with the content and stories.
  • Free no. of makers and positions.
  • Working on the browser distribution SNS such as Facebook, Line, Wechat. WhatsApp…
  • Can be applied with Advertising, Broadcasting, Shopping Deal…in any type of marketing activities.

    AR Content Multi – Player in Web & App

    Optimal Implementation of AR contents in both Web & App

    Applying strategic image pattern through advanced pattern recognition technology.


    AR Computer Vision

    Real-time motion recognition technology allows customers to become the main characters of AR content.

  • With AR motion control technology customer controls content by action
  • Selected as priority purchase product by Korea government and entered in VentureNARA which is operated
        by Public Procurement Service.
  • Latest News

    “virtually install refrigerator in the winking of an eye” Electronic land·Popsline Started AR service

    September 9th, 2019|

    우리 집 주방 한켠에 사지도 않은 '신제품 냉장고'가 소환됐다. 순간이동이나 마법이 아니다. 바로 'AR(증강현실) 피팅' 얘기다. 휴대폰 또는 노트북 카메라로 주방을 비추면 갖고 싶은 가전제품을 설치해 볼 수 있다. 냉장고를 선택하고 주방과 잘 어울리는지 요리조리

    Succeeded Wadiz 1st Crowdfunding, 2st funding proceeding..

    September 25th, 2019|

    국내 최대의 크라우드펀딩 기업인 와디즈를 통해 팝스라인이 1차 펀딩에 성공 했습니다. 당초 1차 펀딩 시 이틀 만에 목표액의 60%를 달성후 마감일보다 10일만에 일찌감치 125%를 달성해 펀딩기간을 연장, 2차펀딩에 들어 갔습니다. 목표 금액을 당초 목표금액보다 증액한

    looking around “electronic through AR”..Electronic Land·Popsline MOU

    September 9th, 2019|

    AR(증강현실)·VR(가상현실) 전문업체 팝스라인이 지난 1일 전자제품 유통회사 '전자랜드'와 'AR 기반 1:1 라이브 영상 상담 솔루션' 공급과 관련한 MOU(양해각서)를 체결했다고 2일 밝혔다. 이번 MOU로 'AR 기반 1:1 라이브 영상 상담 솔루션'이 전자랜드에 적용될 방침이다. 전자랜드 측은


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